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Shortcuts for inserting international letters

Often you need to insert several words or letters from a language with accents like French or German. For example, to type a foreign company or person name.

Line breaks in a Word document

Occasionally text in paragraphs is not aligned correctly or cannot be positioned as you like. This problem could be a line break, also called soft return or text wrapping break.

Pagination breaks in a Word document

A paragraph break and a page break are the most heavily utilized breaks in Word. Less commonly used but very convenient for various tasks are line breaks, section breaks, and column breaks.

How to hide/show the space between pages

In the Print Layout view, the white space on and between pages can be displayed or collapsed:

Forgot Word Document Password? Recover with PassFab for Word

Picture this scenario: you’ve just finished editing an important piece of writing in a Microsoft Word Document and to make sure that all your work remains safe, you secure the document by encrypting it with a strong password. However, the next time you try to access that doc, you’re immediately faced with a problem—you forgot word document password! What you need in this exasperating situation is a third-party software that can help you in retrieving your forgotten password to Word document.

5 Best Writing Tools to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Nobody is immune to social media anymore, not even the ordinary people who do not use Instagram to promote their business or products. Our lives revolve around our selfies or Instagram stories while we sell the image of ourselves to our friends and the general public.

5 Top Blog Writing Software: Work Faster & Write Better

Mobile devices are not the best for creating content. In terms of working on the text, neither a tablet nor a smartphone can fully replace a computer. Writing notes or articles for the blog is more comfortable on a PC with a big screen. But what if a brilliant idea came to you on the way? Blog writing apps will help you format and publish it immediately on your favorite social network or popular service.

A Review of the Best Essay Writing Services for College Students

The worry of keeping up your grades while also participating in other activities and not leaving the fun out of it is a stress that keeps every college student on their toes, and you may not be excluded. Essays, of course, are essential to contributing to the overall academic life. However, much essays contribute to college grades, it is one part most student’s dread.

How to insert a hyperlink in Word

When you create a document, you may need to paste links to other documents, Excel spreadsheets, or even some websites with source information. Also, you can add hyperlinks to your profile or even e-mail address.

Insert an email hyperlink in a document

Inserting an e-mail address is simpler than adding a hyperlink. Just type the email address as it is, and typing a space bar or any punctuation symbol such as comma or dot after the e-mail address, instructs Word to create an email address hyperlink automatically:

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