How to Recover Overwritten MS Excel or Word Document

When working on MS Excel or Word documents, often users accidentally overwrite files that can cause a nuisance. The issue of data overwriting happens when a user stores a new file on the computer with the same name as an already existing file. In this type of situation, the user accidentally clicks the button “replace" the old file with the new one.

From Studying to Educating: 6 Tips for Future Teachers

Teachers are the essential workers – we’ve all learned that well enough during the pandemic. What we’ve also learned is that being a teacher is not easy at all: this is hard work that requires resilience and true dedication.

Screenshots in Windows 10 without Print Screen (PrtScn)

Many laptop keyboards lack some useful keys, such as PrtScn (the Print Screen key, used to create various screenshots). Three valuable methods can help to make different screenshots in Windows 10 without PrtScn:


Full Review on PassFab for Excel

PassFab for Excel is the best excel password recovery online that lets you access any type of locked sheet. Microsoft Excel offers the read-only and password encryption feature that allows users for more secure data management. However, if you have a lot of data on Excel, there is a chance of you forgetting the set password for files, but don’t worry! In this article, we present you with the best software to unlock your Excel spreadsheet files.

Cell format to round off to thousands, millions, billions

Many of us live in the information space with the calculations performed with precise data expressed in cents or even more granular amounts. Still, it is advisable to present them in thousands or even millions in presentations and reports.

Move entire column or entire row in Excel

Sometimes you need to reorder columns or rows in Excel. If your data does not contain formulas, the procedure does not seem complicated – copy/paste works well for the plain data cells. However, when you try to move data with formulas, you may run into problems.


How to Use Marketing Automation Tools to Improve Your Campaign?

Technology made marketing different. Now, marketers can automate the critical processes and improve their email campaigns. Read this post for more details.

How to use a Desktop Alert

The Desktop Alert is an alert window that pops up when you receive a new email, a meeting request, or a task request to the Outlook default Inbox.

How Can You Recover a Hacked Outlook Account? Our Step-by-Step Guide

Outlook is a very popular management app, and losing access to it/getting hacked can turn into a disaster. Fortunately, there’s a way to restore everything. Read on to learn more!


Crello Review 2021: Easy to Use Graphic Design Software

Working with online content often requires far more skills than data research and writing. Bloggers, marketers, and online business owners understand the power of visuals for user engagement and conversion, constantly looking for handy tools to help them design professionally-looking graphics for their materials.

How Can a Student Effectively Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

Studying involves different activities for better processing of new material and facilitating the learning process. Making PowerPoint presentations is one of the most effective ways for students to structure information and represent only crucial elements. Moreover, it allows them to learn how to make speeches in front of an audience.

SlideUpLift: A Must-Have Tool For Building Impactful Presentations

Making a stellar presentation can sometimes exhaust the "creative genius" in you. As a professional, you should focus on fine-tuning and making the presentation’s content impactful while not breaking a sweat on design and aesthetics.
SlideUpLift saves all your efforts by bringing in the best-in-class Powerpoint and Google Slides presentation templates.


Forgot Word Document Password? Recover with PassFab for Word

Picture this scenario: you’ve just finished editing an important piece of writing in a Microsoft Word Document and to make sure that all your work remains safe, you secure the document by encrypting it with a strong password. However, the next time you try to access that doc, you’re immediately faced with a problem—you forgot word document password! What you need in this exasperating situation is a third-party software that can help you in retrieving your forgotten password to Word document.

5 Best Writing Tools to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Nobody is immune to social media anymore, not even the ordinary people who do not use Instagram to promote their business or products. Our lives revolve around our selfies or Instagram stories while we sell the image of ourselves to our friends and the general public.

5 Top Blog Writing Software: Work Faster & Write Better

Mobile devices are not the best for creating content. In terms of working on the text, neither a tablet nor a smartphone can fully replace a computer. Writing notes or articles for the blog is more comfortable on a PC with a big screen. But what if a brilliant idea came to you on the way? Blog writing apps will help you format and publish it immediately on your favorite social network or popular service.

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