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How to insert the mathematical and other symbols into the PowerPoint slide

Sometimes you need to insert the special symbols to your slide. There are several different ways that you can use, but here you can see fast and easy way is to use the equitation block. See also How to insert Greek symbols very quickly.

How to create seven elements graph or seven factors diagram

This seven elements pie or doughnut chart will teach you some important PowerPoint tricks, which will allow you to create an appealing circular diagram. It is using a combination of Excel charts and SmartArt shape editing tricks.

How to create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint

Venn diagram (also called primary diagram, set diagram or logic diagram) is a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets.

How to create four factors diagram

Circular diagrams are very popular and you probably tried various SmartArt cycle flow diagrams in your presentations. This tip shows how to create a great presentation using an unconventional type of the circular four steps diagram.

How to make a splendid circular flow chart

Presentations that you create for your customers or partners, should be unique, but there are very few predefined SmartArt graphics that you can use. Probably, you have seen expensive circular flow charts on the Internet. But you don’t need to spend extra money to create the splendid chart like this.

How to create a Jigsaw puzzle chart

For the illustration of the complex organizational structure you might think about using Jigsaw puzzle. At a first glance pieces of Jigsaw puzzle look extremely complex, but this isn’t true and you will need a few simple steps to create an impressive Jigsaw puzzle chart.

How to create 3D realistic Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes

If you have mastered simple Jigsaw puzzle pieces (see How to create simple Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes) and 2-D realistic pieces (see How to create 2D realistic Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes), you are ready to create 3-D realistic pieces. This will give you presentation a look of a professional graphical designer work.

How to create 2D realistic Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes

Using PowerPoint union and subtract operations you can create basic Jigsaw puzzle pieces in a few minutes (see How to create simple Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes), but, if you want them to look close to the real ones, you will need to master re-shaping tricks.

How to create simple Jigsaw pieces using PowerPoint shapes

Currently, templates with Jigsaw puzzles are very popular on the Internet. Some of them are pretty expensive, but creating your own Jigsaw puzzle piece won’t take a lot of time.

How to create a timeline in PowerPoint

If you show a historical data, it is often more informative to create a timeline chart. There are several different predefined SmartArt graphics that can be used for timeline charts.
This tip shows simple steps for creating simple and informative timeline using data for Microsoft logo designs changes (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft#Logo).