How to format pictures in organization chart

  • PowerPoint
  • 2016
When you insert pictures to your org chart (see how to create organization chart with picture) or other SmartArt chart with pictures you don’t need another program to prepare pictures. PowerPoint provides you a feature rich functionality for cropping, rotating, painting and other formatting needs.

For example, after inserting some pictures, PowerPoint automatically clips them:

Pictures in org chart in PowerPoint 2016

To format picture in the SmartArt chart, do the following:

    1.    Select the picture icon.

    2.    Right-click on the picture and select Format Shape… in the popup menu:

Format shape popup in PowerPoint 2016

    3.    In the Picture Format pane, on the Fill & Line tab, in the Fill group, change the offset options:

Format Picture pane offset in PowerPoint 2016

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