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How to copy slides to or from another presentation

If you work with multiple presentations or create a new version of an old presentation, copying some slides from one presentation to another is often necessary. You can select and copy all objects from the slide, but this doesn't work correctly because slide designs are different or for other reasons. Use the following steps to copy slides fast and easy, in one of two ways:

Turn off or on automatically opening of Design Ideas pane

The new PowerPoint Designer feature automatically generates design ideas on the new Design Ideas pane. By default, this pane appears on the right side of the slide and can be very useful for creative users:

Optional design tools in PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint offers useful optional screen tools that help position and align slide elements. You can display rulers, gridlines, and guides on the Slide pane and change the magnification of the current slide.

Equations in PowerPoint

To create an effective presentation that contains equations, you need to use a special mathematical style. This style involves using special characters and syntax, a special type of line breaks, delimiters, and requirements for superscripts and subscripts.

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files

The PDF file format is often used when it is necessary to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for printing, viewing, or e-mailing, as well as for format-preserving sharing and security purposes. The PDF version of the presentation can be viewed and printed by those who do not have PowerPoint.

Skip spelling check for same text in PowerPoint

Names, addresses, and quotes are often used in PowerPoint presentations, and they should be written as is, i.e., they need to skip the spell checking. You may have to use foreign language words, phrases, or misspelled phrases.

Run spelling check for PowerPoint presentation

By default, PowerPoint automatically checks the spelling of the entire presentation: all slides, outlines, notes pages, and handout pages. You can disable this feature and skip spell-checking for certain text.

How to work with hidden slides

Sometimes you have no time to finish the slide or find at the last moment that it isn't important for this presentation. On this occasion, you can save your presentation to a different file, delete the slide, and use the backup file later. However, you will not have all the notes, highlights, and drawings you made during the presentation. Instead, you can hide the slide and have all the information in one place.

Save your slides as pictures

If you want to make your presentation non-modifiable, you save it to *.pdf format or *.ppsx format (PowerPoint Show format - see how to automatically show your presentation). However, if you want to publish the presentation on your personal or corporate Web site, exporting slides as separate pictures is better.

Prepare the presentation for printing

If you plan to print your presentation in black and white (sometimes it is cheaper and even more informative than printing in color), you can instantly check its appearance without color.