Outlook 2016

How to display and hide the Reading pane

In the Reading pane, you can view and work with the content of a selected Outlook item, such as an email message, or display a preview of certain attachments (such as Microsoft Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files). The Reading pane is optional and can be displayed vertically to the right of the content pane or horizontally below it.

How to use commas as separators for multiple email recipients

Microsoft Outlook uses the semicolon as a separator to add multiple addresses or names. However, a natural way to type multiple addresses into the To, Cc, or Bcc fields is to use commas. If you are used to commas, you can customize Outlook to recognize commas as separators.

How to turn off AutoCorrect for the original message text

You should automatically check your grammar and spelling when sending a new email. But is it appropriate to correct and change the message you are replying to? In some cases, it is not only unacceptable, but it may also be unethical according to the rules of business correspondence.

How to reply quickly using AutoText and Quick Parts in Outlook

The golden rule of correspondence is to respond politely to every received message, even if you don't have time to process it. It is really difficult to communicate when you do not receive any response for several days.

How to turn on or off Mini Toolbar

By default, on editing the Outlook message body, a very handy Mini Toolbar appears when you release the mouse button after selecting text or when you right-click some text:

Show or hide enhanced ScreenTips

By default, Outlook shows document ToolTips or ScreenTips when you hover on a button as a small pop-up that provides information like the name of the object, what the object does, and a keyboard shortcut (if applicable):

How to archive folder items in Outlook

To make Outlook work most efficiently, we recommend keeping your mailbox size as small as possible. Large mailboxes slow down browsing and receiving messages, can cause slow performance, crashes, and are more prone to corruption.

How to automatically and manually archive emails in Outlook

If your Microsoft Exchange account has strict size limits (e.g., outlook.com is limited to 15 GB cloud storage for a free account), it fills up very quickly by replies and forwards of emails with attachments. When your Outlook mailbox fills up, you cannot receive new emails without removing old ones.

Use AutoCorrect in Outlook

You should automatically check your grammar and spelling when you send an email. Sometimes, it is very difficult to read the received message, not only because of the stylistic errors but also because of the common spelling mistakes. Of course, you can ignore the grammar and spelling checker, but Outlook can help you maintain the image of a truly educated person, especially in the business world.

Work with Send/Receive groups in Outlook

If you work with multiple accounts in Outlook for Windows, you can organize them by creating groups of accounts. By default, Outlook has a predefined group called All Accounts that includes all accounts already added (see more about adding accounts in Outlook). Microsoft recommends leaving the All Accounts group as is and creating custom groups to customize the connection and download settings for different actions.