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How to create paintbrush effects in PowerPoint

The Brush effect adds an artistic look for your presentation. Still, if you want to add pictures in your presentation with a brush effect, you end up downloading proposed templates for Microsoft PowerPoint. Do you want to create your own effects? If your answer is “yes”, please follow easy and fast steps to create different brush effects in your slide.

How to use progress pie charts for numbering in PowerPoint

There are different ways for numbering in PowerPoint, but you can always create something creative and modern. This tip is about one of the ways for creating a numbering using modern progress circle pie charts.

How to use full circle progress charts for numbering

To create an unforgettable presentation, you may use your own funny or otherwise interesting visual accents, some creative elements. You can use different colors, backgrounds, or pictures, etc., but standard elements still limit you.

How to use 3D oval shape for numbering in PowerPoint

This tip shows how to use photorealistic colorful balls with a 3D effect for numbering.
See also the numbering list.

How to make an industrial design for PowerPoint slide

Today it is very popular to use design with triangles in PowerPoint slides. The key feature of this design is using different pictures with edging or borders and custom shapes.

How to create PowerPoint progress pie chart

Today there are two popular design styles: Material Design from Google and Metro UI from Microsoft. Both are using a flat circular progress indicator. This tip shows how to create a similar progress indicator for your presentation.

How to create full circle progress charts in PowerPoint

Today there are many different designs of pie charts. This tip is about the modern design of progress smoothed circle pie charts.
See also How to create an Arc length chart in PowerPoint.

How to create an Arc length chart in PowerPoint

Today there are many presentations with somewhat different variations of doughnut charts, like arc length chart where the presenter wants to show progress for several parameters in one chart. It is easy to create your own progress pie chart in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to make modern look for pictures in the PowerPoint slide

Now very popular to add in PowerPoint slides pictures with torn edges. This tip is about the way to create torn edges for a picture.

How to create letters with pictures in PowerPoint slides

Sometimes you would like to add big letters to your slide to take attention to your logo, motto, etc. or maybe you would like to add a picture with some exciting design like a letter.
This tip is about how to create a picture with a form of the letter.

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