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How to remove all hyperlinks in your Excel spreadsheet

By default, Excel automatically creates hyperlinks when you type or insert URLs or e-mails. You can Turn off the automatic creation of hyperlinks in Excel, or delete all hyperlinks later.

How to show image linked to the list element

Microsoft Excel proposes a lot of different features for creating a perfect presentation of your data. One of these features is linked elements. This tip shows how to create a drop-down list and automatically show linked objects, such as image, text, hyperlink, etc. for the selected drop-down list item.

Show chart data for empty cells

When you have some gaps in your chart data, Excel doesn't show any data for these gaps and your chart looks odd. Instead you can show interpolated values instead of gaps in the chart.

Show chart data in hidden cells

When you have some hidden cells in your chart data, Excel ignores data for these gaps and doesn't show the corresponding chart elements.

Turn off the automatic creation of hyperlinks in Excel

Excel automatically creates hyperlinks if you type or insert some text that Excel sees like a hyperlink such as URL or e-mail. You can quickly turn off and turn on the automatic creation of hyperlinks for more comfortable work in Excel ☺.

How to add a horizontal line to the chart

Sometimes you need to add a horizontal line to your chart. E.g., this will be useful to show data with some goal line or limits:

How to remove green triangles from cells (hide auto-calculating checks)

When you work in Excel, by default, it automatically identifies all issues, such as incorrect data in the cell, problems with formulas, etc. So, you see green triangles (by default) shown in the top left corner of these cells.

Print column headers or spreadsheet labels on every page

If you want to print a spreadsheet with data on several pages, it is more informative to have column headers or labels on every printed page. See also how to print a large Excel spreadsheet.

How to print a large Excel spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel proposes some unique features that can help to work fast and easy with a lot of data. One of the important things of working with large worksheets is the possibility to switch between presentations of results only and all intermediate data.

Quick way to transform your data without using formulas

Sometimes, especially when you work with a lot of data, you need to transform it. If you need to convert some range of data by dividing or multiplying it, it can be done in Excel in two clicks: