5 Top Blog Writing Software: Work Faster & Write Better

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Mobile devices are not the best for creating content. In terms of working on the text, neither a tablet nor a smartphone can fully replace a computer. Writing notes or articles for the blog is more comfortable on a PC with a big screen. But what if a brilliant idea came to you on the way? Blog writing apps will help you format and publish it immediately on your favorite social network or popular service.
Blog Writing Software

Fortunately, both Google Play and the App Store have applications that allow you to "catch" an idea, create a high-quality text based on it, and publish this content for public viewing. Many of these programs have advanced functionality. And even the top scholarship essay writing services recognize the effectiveness of such tools for Blogspot. Because the process of writing texts has never been so accessible before.

We have chosen for you the best blogging tools from the mass of options.


Byword is one of the best blog writing software for creating texts. The program supports the lightweight Markdown formatting language. This means that the text written on a mobile device can be easily diluted with various notes, quotes, lists, and hyperlinks. An extended version of Markdown will let you use tables, pictures, and videos. Content created in Byword doesn't need to be finalized on a computer. You can publish it directly to a blog on WordPress or Tumblr.

Are there any other advantages of Byword?

   1.   Asceticism. For a person who is used to Word, the interface of Byword will cause amazement. The writer actually has a blank sheet of paper in front of him. No toolbar is visible, the screen is not half covered by the keyboard. Settings are also minimal: only font style and letter size.

   2.   Integration with cloud services. You can easily upload your document to Dropbox and iCloud. So, when you start creating content on your smartphone, you can finish it on the PC.

   3.   A wide range of supported formats. Byword works not only with .doc, .rtf and .txt, but also .pdf and .html files.

iA Writer

iA Writer is a great environment for writers with the most features. Here you can create text, choose a layout from a list of ready-made or create your own, quickly find documents to edit, turn ready-made text into HTML, Microsoft Word, or PDF files. The program allows you to upload files to cloud services. It has the function of highlighting a single line so that the already written text does not distract from creating the most expressive proposal.

The program includes a built-in assistant which will highlight weak verbs, superfluous adjectives, and point out the spam in the text. Users can insert links, pictures, tables, and other elements to make any text clearer. The finished result can be previewed. IA Writer has a dark and light theme for comfortable work at different times of the day. This is a decent tool bloggers should have.

IA Writer Advantages:

   1.   Focus mode. Highlight only the passage you want, allowing you not to be distracted by the rest of the text.

   2.   Simple interface. No unnecessary tools, you only see the workspace and keyboard.

   3.   Large choice of formats - PDF, DOCX, HTML, and others.

By default, the application only works with iCloud Drive. But by contacting the support service you can get a synchronization with OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox.

Notebooks 10: Write & Organize

Write and Organize is a powerful tool for blogger for creating texts and organizing tasks. The application synchronizes all text files on your device, allows the use of Markdown language, converts any text into a PDF version or an ebook. The program can recognize speech, which allows speaking text if there is no possibility to make a printed note.

To work with files on multiple devices, Dropbox and WebDAV support are available. The desktop version gives shared access to files. This will allow different users to start working from the place where it was finished earlier. Besides, the program boasts a concise interface, easy-to-use file search, and the ability to organize files into convenient directories. There is a dark mode here for working at night.

Features of the application:

   1.   Task manager. Allows you to synchronize tasks already created in other applications and add new ones or switch between existing ones.

   2.   Supports a large number of formats - HTML, PDF, MS Office, iWork, web page, photo, video, music.

   3.   Built-in converter. Lets you turn text into a PDF file, e-book, and converts speech to text.


Journey is a kind of a diary in which you can record your thoughts and events, attach geodata and photos to your notes, and set a mood indicator in which the note was made. You can install the application on different devices. It has automatic synchronization in Google Drive. Directly from Journey, you can upload notes to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress. You can use Atlas to view your notes - it displays a map with labels of where the note was created.

The application keeps statistics. For those who want to achieve success in the craft of writing it will be a catalyst. It is clearly visible on what day the notes were made, and when the user was too lazy to write down his thoughts. The program allows you to create a password to access the information. If the phone is in the wrong hands, all the innermost thoughts will remain untouched. When taking notes, there is a convenient set of themes, styles,s and font sizes. The program can be synchronized with other similar applications Evernote, Day One, Diaro. All files can be uploaded to Microsoft Word or converted to PDF.


   1.   Storing files in Google Drive - you can access notes from different devices.

   2.   Uploading files from the application to popular blogs.

   3.   Nice and clear interface - there is nothing superfluous, easy setup.

   4.   Convenient display of files by geotags, folders, days of the week.

   5.   Security - you can set a password to log in to the application.

The paid version of the application gives the user access to a multiplatform version, synchronization with Google Fit, more themes and formats for record-keeping, expanded file size, receiving reminders, and the ability to make notes by email, a night theme.


The main feature of this blog editing software is that it allows you to work on the same document for several users online. Each user will be aware of the changes made by the others.

The entire Quip workspace is divided into 3 sections: Notes (Inbox), Documents, and Chat. In "Notes" the user creates a text. Through "Documents" - connects one or more people to evaluate and make corrections. Finally, in "Chat" - discusses corrections. It is possible to edit a finished document - import from Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox is supported.

Thus, the Quip app is great for the corporate sphere as well as for individual use or for co-authoring books. The only disadvantage is the need for a stable Internet connection for collective editing. But it is possible to make edits independently off-line as well.

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