Importing data for subdocuments

You can create subdocuments by inserting other files into your master document.

To do this, follow next steps:

    1.    Open or create the master document (how to create a master document, see The Master Document View).

    2.    Choose View -> Outline to see this document in the Outline view.

    3.    Place the insertion point where you want to add the subdocument, and then click Insert Subdocument Insert on the Outlining toolbar.

    4.    In the Insert Subdocument dialog box, choose the document what you want to add and then click Open:

Insert Subdocument in Word 2003

Microsoft Word inserts a next page section break before the subdocument and a continuous section break after it.

Note: After you add a subdocument to a master document, do not move or delete it unless you first remove it from the master document.

How to rename or modify a subdocument, see Modifying subdocuments.

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