Creating subdocuments

Every master document consists of a normal document stuff and links to other documents. Those links can be used to pull in the information from the documents to which the master documented is linked.

Once you have the basic outline in place, you can determine how you want to divide the master document. Create a subdocument using the following steps:

    1.    Open or create the master document (how to create a master document, see The Master Document View).

    2.    Choose View -> Outline to see this document in the Outline view:

Buttons in Word 2003

    3.    Make sure that all headings and subheadings you want to include in the subdocument are displayed by clicking the Show Level arrow on the Outlining toolbar, and selecting Show All Levels:

All levels in Word 2003

    4.    In the master document, select the headings and text you want to separate into subdocuments.

    5.    On the Outlining toolbar, click the Create button Create.

Word inserts a continuous section break before and after each subdocument:

Master Document with subdocuments in Word 2003

Note: If the Create button isn't available, you need to click to click Collapse Subdocuments Expand/Collapse.

See also Importing data for subdocuments and Modifying subdocuments.

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