Modifying subdocuments

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You can modify subdocuments, but with features. This tip contains some of these features. You can modify subdocuments using the same tools that you have used to create a master document and subdocuments. This tip describes how to use those tools to modify subdocuments. How to create a master document, see The Master Document View, and Creating subdocuments for information about creating subdocuments.

Rename a Subdocument

   1.   Choose View -> Outline to see this document in the Outline view:

Buttons in Word 2003

   2.   Press Ctrl and click the hyperlink of the subdocument what you want to rename. If you don't see hyperlinks, you need to click Collapse Subdocuments Expand/Collapse on the Outlining toolbar.

Then you click to the hyperlink of the subdocument with Ctrl, Word opens it in another window.

   3.   Choose File -> Save As.

   4.   In the Save As dialog box, enter a new name or location for the subdocument and then click Save:

Save As in Word 2003

   4.   Close the subdocument.

Word closes the subdocument and changes the hyperlink of this subdocument.

Combine Subdocuments

   1.   On the View menu, in the Document Views group, click the Outline button.

   2.   Select the first subdocument what you want to combine by clicking its subdocument icon Subdocument.

   3.   Hold down Shift as you click the last subdocument icon in the group of subdocuments that you want to combine.

   4.   On the Outlining toolbar, click Merge Subdocument Merge.

Note: When you save the master document, Microsoft Word saves the combined subdocuments with the file name of the first subdocument in the combination.

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