How to create a New Distribution List

It is a pretty time consuming task to send message to multiple recipients at once. Fortunately, if you regularly send e-mails to the group of people, you can create a distribution list and send them an e-mail with just a few clicks.

To create a new distribution list, do the following:

    1.    Select File -> New -> Distribution List (or press Ctrl+Shift+L) to display the Distribution List dialog box:

Distribution List in Outlook 2007

    2.    Enter the desired name for the new distribution list in the Name field (the name can contain spaces).

    3.    On the Distribution List tab, in the Members group, click the Select Members button:

Members in Outlook 2007

Outlook was appears the Select Members dialog box:

Select Members in Outlook 2007

    4.    Select the desired address book from the drop-down list labeled Address Book.

    5.    From the list of contacts, select the contacts you want to include in the distribution list. You can add multiple contacts by double-clicking each desired contact; that contact's e-mail address then is added to the Members text box at the bottom of the dialog box.

    6.    When you've finished adding contacts to the distribution list, click the OK button to return to the Distribution List dialog box.

    7.    On the Distribution List tab, in the Actions group, click the Save & Close button to create the new distribution list.

Actions in Outlook 2007

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