Attaching a Business Card to a message

Outlook 365 2016 2013 2010 2003
With Outlook, you can send a copy of a contact item in vCard format, a standard format for exchanging contact information. This allows the recipient to import the contact data into a contact management program, assuming that the recipient's program supports the vCard standard (as most do).

To share your contact information with others using a vCard, follow next steps:

   1.   In Outlook, open the Contacts folder and select the contact item you want to send:

Contacts in Outlook 2007

   2.   Choose Action -> Send as Business Card or right-click the contact and choose Send as Business Card. Outlook inserts the vCard into the message:

Send as Business Card in Outlook 2007

   3.   Complete the message as you normally would and click Send.

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