Excel 2016

Adding watermarks to workbook

A watermark is an image (or text) that appears on each printed page. Watermark can be used to add a company logo, an image, identifying marks, etc., to the printed pages. Excel doesn't have a command to add the text as a watermark, but it is possible to add a picture in the page header or footer:

Using a form for data entry

Usually, the data in Excel spreadsheets is presented in lists of rows, and each row represents a data record. Excel offers an easy way to work with this data type through a data entry form that Excel can automatically generate. This form of data works with a normal data range or a table.

Apply or remove cell borders

Another way to highlight data in Excel, along with the use of colors, is to use borders. Borders and lines within borders are often used to group a range of similar cells or to delimit rows or columns. Excel offers 13 predefined border styles and tools to create your styles.

How to see formulas on the spreadsheet

Sometimes it is handy to view (and print) the formulas in all the cells in a spreadsheet without visiting each cell manually.

Splitting text strings without using formulas

When working with data in Excel spreadsheets, it is sometimes necessary to split text lines into columns. Excel offers many different functions for working with text strings, but you don't have to use formulas for this task:

Check data entry for invalid entries

You can greatly reduce data-entry problems in your workbooks by making Excel check entries before entering them in specific cells. To do so, you need to define restrictions and data-validation rules for those cells.

Excel Formula auditing tools

When working with formulas in Excel, it is often necessary to find where a mistake was made. Excel provides very useful tools:

Removing excess spaces and nonprinting characters

Data imported into an Excel spreadsheet often contains extra spaces or strange (often unprintable) characters. There are two handy functions, TRIM and CLEAN, to cleanup such data:

Adding and removing page breaks

Usually, all workbooks are opened in the Normal view in Excel. Thus, page breaks aren't displayed until you print (or preview) the spreadsheet or entire workbook at least one time. In a preview, horizontal and vertical dotted lines indicate the page breaks:

Creating and using named ranges

Named ranges (also known as defined ranges) are a powerful feature in Excel that allows you to assign a symbolic name to a cell, range of cells, or formula. These defined names are a convenient replacement for the address of a cell, data range, or formula in other formulas, charts, diagrams, shapes, etc.