Sorting a table

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If you use tables in Word, sometimes you need to sort it by one, two, or three columns.

To sort a table, follow these steps:

   1.   Click on the table to select it.

   2.   On the Table Layout tab, in the Data group, choose the Sort button:

Data group in Word 365

   3.   In the Sort dialog box:

  • In the Sort by area, set up the first sort:
    Sort table in Word 365
    • Choose the appropriate column heading in the left drop-down list. If the table doesn't have column headings, the drop-down list shows Column 1, Column 2, and so on.
    • In the Type drop-down list, choose the type of sort:
      • Text to sort normally
      • Number to sort by numbers
      • Date to sort by dates and times.
    • In the Using drop-down list, make sure the Paragraphs option is selected.
    • On the right side:
      • Select the Ascending option button if you want an ascending sort (A to Z, low numbers to high, early dates and times to later ones)
      • Select the Descending option button if you want a reverse sort.
  • In the upper Then by area, set up the second sort using the same techniques.
  • In the lower Then by area, set up the third sort using the same techniques.
  • In the My list has area, make sure the Header row option button is selected if your table has a header row. If not, select the No header row option button.
  • If you need to make the sort case-sensitive, so that lowercase letters appear before their uppercase equivalents, click the Options... button to display the Sort Options dialog window:
    Sort options in Word 365

    Select the Case sensitive checkbox, and then click the OK button to close the dialog window.

See also this tip in French: Comment trier une table.

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