6 charts for lively progress visualization

Excel 2016 2013
There are several different charts in Excel that can help you to create a perfect progress illustration.

   1.   Gauge or speedometer chart

This simple chart resembles a speedometer gauge and displays a value between 0 and 100%:

   a.   Simple gauge chart:

The gauge Chart in Excel 365

See how to create a gauge chart for more details.

   b.   Speedometer chart:

Speedometer charts in Excel 365

See how to create a speedometer chart for more details.

   2.   Simple bar chart

You're probably familiar with a thermometer type display that shows the percentage of a task that's completed:

The gauge Chart in Excel 365

See Creating a simple thermometer chart for more details.

   3.   Glossy thermometer chart

Thermometer chart is nice indicator of the process with well-defined measure, e.g. task status. You can create more interesting thermometer chart in Excel:

Glossy thermometer chart Excel 365

See Creating a glossy thermometer chart for more details.

   4.   Semaphore chart

Data visualization is a key cognitive tool that enables you to attract more attention to your statements. E.g., you can direct your organization attention to insufficiently developed goals and praise them for successfully performed goals:

The thermometer chart Excel 365

See Creating a semaphore thermometer chart for more details.

   5.   Rainbow chart

Creating a thermometer chart, you are not limited to a single-color bar. Instead you can specify different colors for different value intervals:

The thermometer Chart Excel 365

See Creating a rainbow thermometer chart for more details.

   6.   Cocktail chart

Do you want to make your annual company performance meeting less boring? Create a funny cocktail chart for it! E.g., you can mix in a glass percentages of department contribution to the company revenue:

The Coctail Chart Excel 2013

See Funny thermometer Cocktail chart for more details.

See also this tip in French: 6 graphiques pour une visualisation dynamique des progrès.

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