Print column headers or spreadsheet labels on every page

  • Excel
  • 2016
If you want to print spreadsheet with data on several pages, it is more informative to have a column headers or labels on every printed page. See also how to print a large Excel spreadsheet.

For example, when you print Excel spreadsheet on several pages, you can't see column headers or labels on the second and following pages:

Print preview on two pages in Excel 2016

To print column headers or labels on every page, do the following:

    1.    On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Titles:

Page Setup group in Excel 2016

    2.    In the Page Setup dialog box, on the Sheet tab, in the Print titles section:

Print Setup in Excel 2016
  • choose rows you want to print on every page in the Rows to repeat at top field;
  • choose columns you want to print on every page in the Columns to repeat at left field.

For example, for the selected rows $1:$4 you will get:

Print Rows at top of every page in Excel 2016


  • If you want to print row and column labels, you can check the Row and column headings checkbox:
    Page Setup Row and column headings in Excel 2016

    For example:

    Print preview Row and column labels in Excel 2016
  • If you want to print Gridlines, you can check the Gridlines checkbox, for example:
    Print preview Gridlines in Excel 2016

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