How to create a perfect Gantt chart

Gantt charts illustrate project schedules and, thus, often used by project managers. Project management tools like Microsoft Project are better suited for Gantt charts, but it is easy to create a Gantt chart in Excel following the simple steps.

    1.    Create a simple Gantt chart

The Gantt Chart in Excel 2016

See Creating a Gantt chart for more details.

    2.    Add progress to your Gantt chart

The Gantt Chart with progress in Excel 2016

See Gantt chart with progress for more details.

    3.    Add events to the Gantt chart

The Gantt Chart with events in Excel 2016

See Progress Gantt chart with events for more details.

    4.    Add a vertical line for illustration of the current date

The Gantt Chart with a vertical line in Excel 2016

See Glossy Gantt chart with a vertical line for more details.

See also this tip in French: Comment créer un diagramme de Gantt parfait.

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