Insert an email hyperlink in a document

Word 365
Inserting an e-mail address is simpler than adding a hyperlink. Just type the email address as it is, and typing a space bar or any punctuation symbol such as comma or dot after the e-mail address, instructs Word to create an email address hyperlink automatically:
Email hyperlink in Word 365

Note: If you don't see the mailto: hyperlink after inserting the email address, check the address. It should contain the symbol @. If the address is correct, you probably have a problem with AutoCorrect options:

   1.   On the File tab, click the Options button:

Word 365 options

   2.   In the Word Options dialog box, on the Proofing tab, click the AutoCorrect Options... button:

Proofing in Word 365

   3.   In the AutoCorrect dialog box, on the AutoFormat As You Type tab, select the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks options:

Internet and network paths with hyperlinks in Word 365

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