Transpose words using the Replace feature

Word 365
Just as you did in the Find tab, you can use wildcards in the Replace tab. Here's a wildcard trick that uses parentheses and backslash wildcards to transpose words.

It's especially useful when you'd like to change the full name from the last name first to the first name first:

Text example in Word 2016

For example, type (Smith), (John) in the Find What box, and type \2 \1 in the Replace With box. Select the Use Wildcards checkbox (see more how to work with wildcards):

Search example in Word 2016

Click the Find Next button, and then click Replace. Word finds Smith, John, and replaces it with John Smith. Placing the comma outside the parentheses ensures that it's eliminated when the replacement text is inserted:

Text example in Word 2016

See also this tip in French: Transposer des mots à l'aide de la fonction Remplacer.

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