Shortcut keys for inserting symbols and templates into the equation

Word 2016
In Word for Microsoft 365 equations many mathematical symbols can be inserted using the \+name of the symbol (how to insert Greek symbols, see Shortcut keys for inserting Greek symbols into the equation):

Some of the commonly used symbols:

Infinity    \infty - Infinity

Less than or equal    \leq - Less than or equal

Greater than or equal    \geq - Greater than or equal

Partial differential    \partial - Partial differential

Summa    \sum - Summa

Product    \prod - Product Sign

Contained in    \subset - Contained in

Element of    \in - Element of

Union    \cup - Union (if you want to see big symbol, enter \bigcup)

Not equal    \neq - Not equal to

Asymptotic    \approx - Almost equal to (asymptotic to)

Equivalent    \equiv - Identical to (equivalent)

Integral    \int - Integral

Contour Integral    \oint - Contour integral

How to use all these symbols outside the equation, select the option Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions in the Word Options. How to do it, see Choosing Math AutoCorrect options.

See also this tip in French: Raccourcis clavier pour entrer des symboles et des modèles dans équations.

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