How to insert the mathematical and other symbols into the PowerPoint slide

PowerPoint 365
Sometimes you need to insert the special symbols to your slide. There are several different ways that you can use, but here you can see the fast and easy way is to use the equitation block. See also How to insert Greek symbols very quickly.

   1.   In the slide where you want to insert the symbol, click Alt+= to insert equitation:

Equitation in PowerPoint 2016

   2.   In the equitation without any additional actions, enter any of the symbols that you need using a \+Name of the symbol. E.g.,

Infinity symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \infty - Infinity
Less then or equal symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \leq - Less then or equal
Greater then or equal symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \geq - Greater then or equal
Not equal symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \neq - Not equal to
Partial differential symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \partial - Partial differential
Summa symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \sum - Summa
Product symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \prod - Product Sign
Contained in symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \subset - Contained in
Element of symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \in - Element of
Approximately symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \approx - Approximately
Union symbol in PowerPoint 2016 \cup - Union

If you want to see the big symbol, enter \bigcup: Big union symbol in PowerPoint 2016

   3.   After entering the symbol, click the space; it changed entering a name to the appropriate symbol.

   4.   Click Alt+= again to exit from the equitation.

Now you can continue entering your text.

Note: you can see all of Name of the symbol combinations that you can use in the AutoCorrect Options. See How to quickly insert Greek symbols into your slide for more details.

See also this tip in French: Comment insérer les symboles mathématiques dans la diapositive PowerPoint.

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