How to make a background with a chalk or marker effect

PowerPoint 2016
It is now popular to create PowerPoint slides with diagrams or charts drawn using the chalk or marker effect. If you create slides with this effect, it will be great to create an agenda or other slides in the same style. For some PowerPoint slides, you can add a background image with a chalk or marker effect:
Marker effect in PowerPoint 365

To create a background image like the one above, do the following:

   1.   Add a picture you prefer to the slide using any known method.

For example, by copying and pasting it, or use the Insert tab:

   1.1.   On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click the Pictures button, then choose from which source you want to insert the picture:

Pictures in PowerPoint for Microsoft 365

   1.2.   In the dialog box, choose the picture.

   2.   To make a chalk or marker effect, select the picture and then on the Picture Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Artistic Effects:

Artistic Effects in PowerPoint 365

   3.   Select the effect you like from the Artistic Effects drop-down list:

Artistic Effects drop-down list in PowerPoint 365

For example, use the Pencil Sketch effect:

Artistic Effects drop-down list in PowerPoint 365

   4.   Change the parameters for the selected effect:

   4.1.   Right-click on the picture and choose Format Picture... in the popup menu:

Format picture in popup in PowerPoint 365

   4.2.   On the Format Picture pane, on the Effects group, in the Artistic Effects section, change parameters for the selected effect.

For example, for the Pencil Sketch effect, can be selected different values for two parameters: Transparency and Pressure.

  • For Pressure = 5:
    Artistic Effects Pencil Sketch with Pressure = 5 in PowerPoint 365
  • For Pressure = 50:
    Artistic Effects Pencil Sketch with Pressure = 50 in PowerPoint 365


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