Outlook Command-Line Switches

There are several Outlook startup switches. The most common switches are listed in this tip.

When you double-click the Outlook desktop icon, you're actually executing a command line with a startup switch. The default startup switch for Outlook is outlook.exe /recycle. This switch tells Outlook to open in an existing window if one exists. Other switches:

  • /a filename - Launches a message with the specified file as an attachment
  • /c ipm.activity - Creates a new journal item
  • /c ipm.appointment - Creates a new appointment item
  • /c ipm.contact - Creates a new contact item
  • /c ipm.note - Creates a new message item
  • /c ipm.post - Creates a new post item
  • /c ipm.stickynote - Creates a new note item
  • /c ipm.task - Creates a new task item
  • /CheckClient - Prompts for selection of Outlook as the default manager of email, news, and contacts
  • /CleanFreeBusy - Resets free/busy information
  • /CleanReminders - Cleans and resets reminders
  • /CleanViews - Cleans and resets views
  • /Folder - Starts Outlook without the Navigation Pane
  • /NoPreview - Turns off the Reading Pane and removes the option from the View menu
  • /Profiles - Prompts for profile selection
  • /Profile profile name - Starts Outlook using the specified profile
  • /ResetFolders - Restores missing default folders
  • /Safe - Starts Outlook in reduced functionality mode to bypass a problem
  • /select Outlook:folder name - Opens Outlook with the specified folder.

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