Hide a note's time stamp information

By default, Outlook, displaying the note, shows the date and time of the last modification that was made to the note, but you can hide those time stamp.

To hide the date and time in the note, do the following:

    1.    Choose Tools -> Options..., and in the Options dialog box, select the Other tab:

Options in Outlook 2003

    2.    Click the Advanced Options... button.

    3.    On the Advanced Options dialog box, in the Appearance options section, choose the When viewing Notes, show date and time.

Advanced Options in Outlook 2003

    4.    To ensure that the date and time of the last modification are not displayed, remove the check from the option if it is checked. If you want to enable the display of the date and time at some other stage, return to this dialog box and check the box.

    5.    Click the OK button to save your changes.

Note in Outlook 2003

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