How to create a hierarchy of Contact Groups in Outlook

  • Outlook
  • 2016
When you work with a lot of contacts, you may need to create two different Contact Group with a small difference – the bigger one should contain all members from the smaller one and some additional members. The main point is, if the smaller Contact Group has been updated, the bigger one should include those changes.

To accomplish this task, you can create two Contact Groups, the bigger one should include the smaller one:

    1.    Create the Contact Group that will be included into another group, you can take an existing Contact Group. For example, OTT group:

The smaller Contact Group in Outlook 2016

    2.    To create the second, the bigger Contact Group, instead of adding all members of the first group, you need to add the Contact Group, for example:

The bigger Contact Group in Outlook 2016

    3.    Add all members that you want to include in the second, bigger group.

So, if the first group will be updated, the second group is updated too.

If you need to create the group that contains all members from the first one and shouldn’t be updated, you need to create a copy. See How to copy the Contact Group into another.

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