How to block a sender in Outlook

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  • 2016
Today we receive a lot of messages. It is nice, if your administrator configured anti-spam rules, but sometimes you need to block some senders. You can block any sender in Outlook in a few steps.

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If you have an email from the sender that you want to block, select this email and do one of the following:

  • On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Junk:
    Junk in the Delete group Outlook 2016

    In the Junk drop-down list, just click Block Sender:

    Junk drop-down list in Outlook 2016
  • Right-click on the selected email and choose Junk -> Block Sender:
    Junk in the popup menu Outlook 2016

Outlook will show the message that selected sender is blocked, for example:

Message in Outlook 2016

To add any sender to the Block Senders list, do the following:

    1.    On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click the Junk drop-down list and then click Junk E-mail Options...:

Junk E-mail Options in Outlook 2016

    2.    In the Junk Email Options dialog box, select the Blocked Senders tab:

Blocked Senders in Junk E-mail Options dialog box Outlook 2016

    3.    To add a new sender to the Blocked Senders list, click Add... and then in the Add address or domain dialog box, enter the sender’s address. For example:

Add address or domain dialog box in Outlook 2016

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