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For some cases, you need to create documents that should be presented to or viewed by the people with disabilities. Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint propose the feature, named the Accessibility Checker, that will scan your document to check for potential accessibility problems. So, anyone with a disability can read and get to your content.

To scan your document for the accessibility problems, open the Microsoft Office document and then follow the next steps:

    1.    On the File tab, select Info:

Info in Office 2016

    2.    Click on the Check for Issues dropdown list and then select Check Accessibility:

Check Accessibility in Office 2016

    3.    Microsoft Office will check your document and display the results in the Accessibility Checker pane:

Accessibility Checker pane in Office 2016

You can see three types of the Accessibility Checker issues:

  • Error – the document with highlighted content is difficult or impossible to read and understand for people with disabilities
  • Warning – the document with highlighted content is difficult to understand for people with disabilities in most, but not all, cases
  • Tip – people with disabilities can understand the document with highlighted content, but that could be presented in a different way to improve the user experience.

    4.    Click on one of the listed accessibility issues for an additional information on:

  • where the issue takes place,
  • why the issue needs to be fixed,
  • some proposed steps to fix this issue:
Accessibility Checker results in Office 2016

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