Change measurement settings from inches to centimeters and vice versa

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  • 2016
The common problem for international teams is different measurement units in different countries. E.g., U.S. is using imperial units like inches and France is using metric units like centimeters. PowerPoint doesn’t allow to embed the measurement settings into the presentation, but you can always change your local Windows settings in order to see the problem from other side.

To change system settings, do the following:

    1.    Open Control Panel:

    2.    In the Control Panel dialog box, choose Change date, time, or number formats:

Control Panel Windows 10

    3.    In the Region dialog box, choose Additional settings...:

Additional settings Windows 10

    4.    In the Customize Format dialog box, change Measurement system:

Customize format in Windows 10

    5.    Click OK or Apply and then OK.

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