Excel AutoComplete to automate data entry

Excel 365
The Excel AutoComplete feature allows you to automate entering the same text into multiple cells. With AutoComplete, you enter the first few letters of a text entry into a cell, and Excel automatically completes the entry based on other entries that have already been in the current column:
AutoComplete example in Excel 365

In addition to automating input, this feature ensures that entries are identical.

The first time you enter data into a cell, Excel remembers it. Later, when you start entering data in the same column, Excel will recognize it from the first few letters and can complete the entry for you:

AutoComplete example in Excel 365
  • AutoComplete using the keyboard:

    • Just press Enter to accept the suggested input,
    • To cancel an offer, just keep entering your data.
  • AutoComplete using the mouse:

    To choose the correct data entry, do the following:

       1.   Right-click on the cell and choose Pick From Drop-down List... in the popup menu:

    Pick From Drop-down List in the popup menu Excel 365

    Note: You can choose the Pick From Drop-down List... from the popup menu even if the cell is in the Edit mode (see how to modify the cell content):

    Pick From Drop-down List in popup menu Excel 365

       2.   Select the value you need from the appeared dropdown list with all the text entries in the current column:

    AutoComplete list in Excel 365

    Note: The AutoComplete only works within a continuous column of cells. For example:

    Not AutoComplete in Excel 365  or   AutoComplete list in Excel 365

AutoComplete changes the data entry

Auto–°omplete automatically changes the case of letters according to the memorized first input. For example, if you start typing Excel with a lowercase e, Excel capitalizes the e letter to match the previous entry in the column:

AutoComplete changes in Excel 365

Turn off or turn on the AutoComplete feature

To turn on or turn off the AutoComplete feature, do the following:

   1.   On the File tab, click the Options button:

Excel 365 Options

   2.   In the Excel Options dialog box, on the Advanced tab, under Editing options, check or uncheck the Enable AutoComplete for cell values checkbox:

Enable AutoComplete for cell values in Excel 365

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