Excel 2016

Changing moving direction of the cell pointer after entering data

After setting up Excel tables, many users copy existing tables and simply fill or correct them day after day, month after month. Someone prefers to fill in the tables from top to bottom, and others – from right to left, and someone who is used to writing from right to left and prefers to fill tables also from left to right:

Making a spreadsheet very hidden

Using the Hide command, you can hide the data and formulas from "inquisitive minds." But some of them still can use the Unhide command. Nevertheless, you can completely hide the Excel spreadsheet so that some VBA programming will be needed to unhide it.

View spreadsheets side by side

Sometimes it is necessary to compare two Excel worksheets. E.g., compare balance sheets for different periods of time. You can do it by comparing spreadsheets side by side in two automatically linked windows.

Custom cell format

Excel includes a variety of built-in formats that cover general, numeric, currency, percentage, exponential, date, time, and custom numeric formats. You can also design custom formats based on one of the built-in formats.

How to freeze columns and rows

You can freeze your column and row labels so that you can view them no matter how far you scroll down or to the right in your worksheet.

Entering decimal points automatically

If you need to enter lots of numbers with a fixed number of decimal places, there are several different options you can use in Excel:

Insert current date and time quickly

If you need to mark a date or time in the worksheet, Excel provides two shortcuts to do it:

How to change cells format easily

When working with data and formulas in Excel, one of the important points is the format of the cells. Data can be presented in completely different ways.

Cell format to round off to thousands, millions, billions

Many of us live in the information space with the calculations performed with precise data expressed in cents or even more granular amounts. Still, it is advisable to present them in thousands or even millions in presentations and reports.

Move entire column or entire row in Excel

Sometimes you need to reorder columns or rows in Excel. If your data does not contain formulas, the procedure does not seem complicated – copy/paste works well for the plain data cells. However, when you try to move data with formulas, you may run into problems.