Opening Documents

Word 2016 2013 2010 2007 2003
The Open dialog box is your key to finding and retrieving Word documents.

To display the Open pane, perform one of the following actions within Word:

  • On the File tab, click Open:
    File Recent documents in Word 365
  • Click the Open Open  button on the Quick Access Toolbar (if this button was visible). How to add this button in the Quick Access Toolbar, see Adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Click a document's link in the Getting Started task pane.
  • Press Ctrl+O.

In the Open pane:

  • On the left side, select the location of the document you want to open (click Browse to open the Open dialog box).
  • On the right side, choose the file.

To display the Open dialog box, click one of the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+F12.
  • Alt+Ctrl+F2.

Note: more details are available in the Open the saved document section in the Create, open and save a document lesson of the Create basic documents free course.

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