How to show blue links instead of { HYPERLINK link } in a document Word

Word 365
Today a lot of Word documents contain hyperlinks or URLs to some websites, Internet resources or e-mail addresses. When you type a link in your document, it can appear as a field. You can easily change the view of hyperlinks.

For example, when you type an e-mail [email protected] and press space, you will see:

Field instead of hyperlink in Word 2016

To change a representation of hyperlinks in a document, do the following:

   1.   On the File tab, click the Options button:

Options in Word 2016

   2.   In the Word Options dialog box, on the Advanced tab, under Show document content, uncheck the Show field codes instead of their values checkbox:

Advanced tab in Word Options 2016

After clicking OK, all hyperlinks in the document will be shown as usual, as blue hyperlinks:

Hyperlink in Word 2016

See How to turn on or turn off highlighting off fields in a Word document.

See also this tip in French: Comment afficher les liens bleu au lieu de { HYPERLINK lien } dans Word.

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