How to add your own equation to the Equation gallery

Word 365 2013 2010 2007
When you modify the built-in equations or create your own, you can save them to the gallery for future use.

To add an equation to the gallery, follow the next steps:

   1.   Select it. Make sure you include any extra elements that play a role in positioning it, such as tabs, paragraph markers, or any other formatting.

   2.   Do one of the following:

  • On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the drop-down arrow next to Equation, and choose Save Selection to Equation Gallery...
    Equations button in Word 2016
  • Click into the equation's arrow-menu and choose Save as New Equation...:
    Equations menu in Word 2016

   3.   In the Create New Building Block dialog box, enter the name of your equation:

Create New Building Block in Word 2016

   4.   Click OK.

The selected equation will be appended to the gallery.

See also this tip in French: Comment ajouter votre propre équation dans la Galerie d'équations.

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