How to add, subtract, multiply and divide cells in a Word table

  • Word
  • 2016
When working with a Word document, sometimes you need to create a table with simple formulas, such as summation, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Sure, you always can create a table in Excel and paste it into your Word document. For some situations this is not rational way because it is faster to create and use simple formulas in the Word document (see How to reference a cell of a Word table):

Formulas in a table Word 2016

To add a formula into the Word table (see How to calculate formulas in a Word document if you need to use formulas without tables), do the following:

    1.    Position the cursor where you want to paste a formula.

    2.    Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, in the Data group, click the Formula button:

Formula in Word 2016

    3.    In the Formula dialog box, enter the formula:

Formula dialog box in Word 2016

Unfortunately, Word proposes just several simple functions that you can use without Excel (see Functions and formulas in Word), but you still can create many simple formulas like in the calculator.

Note: Instead of using the Formula dialog box, you can press Ctrl+F9 to create a field and type a formula in it:

Formula in the field Word 2016

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