How to create shortcuts

If you are the one of those who care about productivity of the work and tend to use keyboard instead of using a mouse to open menus and run commands, you might be interested how to reveal keyboard shortcuts and add more shortcuts to Word.

To add shortcut keys, do the following:

    1.    On the File tab, click the Options button:

Word 2013 options

    2.    On the Word Options dialog box, choose the Customize Ribbon tab:

Customize Ribbon in Word 2013

    3.    Near label Keyboard shortcuts: click the Customize... button to see the Customize Keyboard dialog box:

Customize Keyboard Word 2013

    4.    In the Customize Keyboard dialog box:

  • In the Categories field and in the Commands field, select the menu and the command you want to use
  • In the Press new shortcut key box, press the key combination you want to add or change
  • Click Assign to apply the change to the document
  • Then click Close to close the dialog box.
Customize Keyboard

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