Add Charts to the Document

Word borrows Excel's charting capabilities, which gives you plenty of power to create attractive and convincing charts.

To add a chart to the active document, follow these steps:

    1.    Place the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph where you want the chart to appear. It's best to use a blank paragraph. You can move the chart later if you need to.

    2.    Choose Insert -> Picture -> Chart. Word displays the Insert Chart dialog box:

Chart in Word 2003

    3.    In the Datasheet window, create the data for the chart:

  • Type your categories, series, and data in place of the sample data.
  • As you work, Excel changes the chart in the Word document.

    4.    If you want to change chart type, choose Chart -> Chart Type... or right-click in the chart area and choose Chart Type... on popup menu:

Chart Type in Word 2003
  • The right pane in the Chart Type dialog box contains a scrolling list showing all the chart subtypes broken up by chart type. The list starts with the Column section, showing the column chart subtypes; continues with the Line section, showing the line chart subtypes; and so on...
  • If you know which chart type you want, click it in the left pane to display that section of the list.
  • To see the name of a chart sub-type hover the mouse pointer over it for a moment so that Word displays a ScreenTip.

You can then make any other adjustments to get the look you desire, just double-click in the chart.

Chart in MS Word 2003

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