11 Shortcut Keys to control font format

This tip contains Shortcut Keys for formatting.
Shortcut Keys to control font format in Word 2016

Shortcut Keys for Locating Character Formats

Shift+F3   - Change the case of letters

Ctrl+Shift+A   - Format letters as all capitals

Ctrl+Shift+K   - Format letters as small capitals

Ctrl+B   - Apply bold formatting

Ctrl+I   - Apply italic formatting

Ctrl+U   - Apply an underline

Ctrl+=   - Apply subscript formatting

Ctrl+Shift++   - Apply superscript formatting

Ctrl+Shift+W   - Word underline

Ctrl+Shift+D   - Double-underline text

Ctrl+Shift+H   - Apply hidden text formatting

Ctrl+spacebar   - Remove character formatting

See also this tip in French: 11 raccourcis clavier pour contrôler le format de police.

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