How to Cc and Bcc in Outlook

Outlook 365
If you need to send a copy of the email to the recipient that should not be visible to other recipients, you can add her/his address to Bcc (blind carbon copy). Addresses in the Bcc field are not visible to the recipients in the To and Cc fields, and each other.

The Bcc field works like the To and Cc fields in Outlook, but you will not find this field in the New Message window. To display the Bcc field in Outlook, do the following:

   1.   Open a new email message or reply to or forward a message.

   2.   In a new, a reply or forwarded message, on the Options tab, in the Show Fields group, click the Bcc button:

The Bcc button in Outlook 2016

The Bcc field appears below the Cc field:

Bcc in a message Outlook 2016
  • In the Bcc field, type the recipient address or addresses that you want to hide from other recipients.
  • In the To field, type at least one address. It can be your address if you're going to send only blind message copies.

Note: After pressing the Bcc button, all subsequent new, reply or forwarded messages will contain the Bcc field. To hide this field, create a new message and click the Bcc button on the Options tab.

Outlook rules allow you to add a Cc recipient to emails you send automatically, but not Bcc recipients.

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