Sending a business card in every new message

Outlook 365 2016 2010 2003
In some situation you want to send your vCard in every e-mail. This lets recipients enter the information in their address book quickly and without errors.

To attach vCard in every e-mail that you want, follow next steps:

   1.   Select the contact that you want to send.

   2.   In the Contact window, click the File button and select Save As... to display the Save As dialog box:

Save As Outlook 2013
  • Use the dialog box tools to navigate to the location where you want to save the vCard file.
  • The default name for the file is the contact name. You can edit this if desired.
  • In the Save as Type list, select vCard Files.

   3.   Click Save.

   4.   Create an email message and attach the vCard file that you just saved.

Note: To attach this file to every new message you can use the shortcut (for more details see Using Shortcuts to create new Outlook items):

Shortcut Outlook 2013

/a <filename> - Open a message form with the attachment specified by <filename>. The following example starts a new message and attaches the file named Picture.jpg:

"C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office15\Outlook.exe" /a "C:\Users\Olga\Documents\Boss.vcf"

New message Outlook 2013

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