How to create a meeting for two or more time zones in Outlook

  • Outlook
  • 2016
Today more and more meetings are performed online in Internet for participants from different cities, countries and time zones. When you create a meeting in Outlook, you need to assign a correct time for different time zones.

For example, if you schedule a meeting at 10 AM in Paris (France), participants from Atlanta (GA, USA) should be on the meeting at 1 AM! So, you always need to know the difference between working hours in France and Georgia, USA. However, it is easy to see the current time in different time zones in Outlook calendar.

To add a new time zone to your Calendar view, do the following:

    1.    On the File tab, click Options:

Outlook 2016 Options

    2.    In the Outlook Options dialog box, on the Calendar tab, under Time zones:

  • Check the Show a second time zone checkbox,
  • Enter the name of this time zone (optionally),
  • Select the time zone that you want to see in the Calendar view.

Note: You can select two or even three different time zones in the Calendar view:

Customize time zones in Outlook 2016

    3.    Click OK.

Outlook will show selected time zones in the Calendar view, for example:

Time zones in Outlook 2016

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