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Attention for Hasty Microsoft SQL Server

When you understand computers and technology a little bit better than your colleagues, especially in small companies, you suddenly become a system administrator yourself. First, you may be asked to help with the software installation. Next, among your tasks, appears database administration. With this job, you have to monitor the safety and security of information regularly. The database should work without failures, and there should always be a fresh backup close to you, which you can restore.

Microsoft Project Rescue Operation

Some may feel that no one cares about Microsoft's global expansion. On the contrary, everyone with pleasure "surrendered" to the megacorporation, which has trained billions of computer geniuses and beginners in simple, convenient, and almost always reliable IT products. No matter what some skeptics say about the instability of the programs or their imperfection, there is no better alternative yet. The Microsoft IT giant has left far behind its competitors, who have long been defeated by the most important criteria: price-quality-support-coverage.

Students’ Writing: Internet and Microsoft Office as Helpers

As a college student, what is the most important thing that you can’t do without in your academics? Well, many will say teachers and books but I feel they are wrong. I believe a laptop and access to the internet are the most important things for students in this era. People learn Microsoft office before joining college for a reason.

How to save an Access DB, corrupted due to all thumbs of your colleagues

Do you know a more serious threat for information than all thumbs of users? I have not heard about it. Viruses, power supply issues, magnetic storms, it does not cost anything regarding what users can do with information. For example, with a Microsoft Access database, that can be accessed by many users in your company.