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How to Write Good Alt Text for Images in 2023

Images enhance the usability of a piece of content. They make it more skimmable and interesting and set a website apart from a regular black-and-white bookish page. However, when it comes to writing descriptive texts for the images, most people take it lightly.

When & How to Use the Office 365 Transcription Feature

Are you looking for ways to make your workday more efficient? Office 365's Transcription feature is a great tool that can help save you time and effort. It allows you to quickly transcribe audio or video recordings into text, so you don't have to waste valuable hours manually typing up notes.

16 PowerPoint Shortcuts Every Student Will Appreciate

The life of a student in the 21st century is so much different from studying in the past. What did students need? Some ink, feathers, and papyrus. Later they were replaced by pens and paper. Everything was simple: students found their knowledge in textbooks and reflected it on paper.

How to Supercharge Productivity Using Microsoft 365 Tools

In the beginning, in 2019, it seemed that Microsoft 365 would bother people with unnecessary checks and broken privacy. The tools surveil activity, communication, and the shares people do inside the team.

Saving to multiple locations is now the new way to save your work on Microsoft Office

SOS Click for Microsoft Office addresses the need to save documents, spreadsheets and presentations created on Microsoft Office to multiple places with a few added extras.

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