How to print a large Excel spreadsheet

Excel 2016
Microsoft Excel proposes some unique features that can help work fast and easily with a lot of data. One of the important things about working with large worksheets is the possibility to switch between presentations of results only and all intermediate data.

When you try to print a spreadsheet with a lot of data, you can see not convenient or non-representative printings, for example:

Print preview on two pages in Excel 365

Microsoft Excel proposes several different options for printing:

Print options in Excel 365

Print all columns of the active spreadsheet

On the Print tab, in the Settings group, in the Scaling dropdown list, select Fit All Columns on One Page:

Fit All Columns on One Page in Excel 365

Excel will print all columns of the spreadsheet on one page:

Print preview on One Page in Excel 365

Print just some columns of the active spreadsheet

   1.   Select columns you want to print (unfortunately, Excel will not print several selected groups of columns correctly. So hide columns you don't want to print first and select one continuous group of columns):

Selected data in Excel 365

   2.   On the Print tab, in the Settings group, in the Print Area dropdown list, select Print Selection:

Print Selection in Excel 365

Excel will print selected columns of the spreadsheet:

Print Selection preview in Excel 365

See also how to print column headers or spreadsheet labels on every page and Three different ways for printing a selected area.

See also this tip in French: Comment imprimer une grande feuille de calcul Excel.

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