How to use keyboard to navigate in the spreadsheet

Excel 365 2013 2010 2007 2003
To move around the worksheet with your keyboard, use the key combinations:

Up one cell - Up-arrow key

Down one cell - Down-arrow key

Right one cell - Right-arrow key

Left one cell - Left-arrow key

Up one screen - Page Up

Down one screen - Page Down

Leftmost cell in a row (column A) - Home

Lower-right corner of the data area - Ctrl+End

Cell A1 - Ctrl+Home

Last occupied cell to the right of a row - End+right-arrow key

You can also quickly go to a specific cell address in a worksheet using the Go To... feature.

Go to in Excel 2016

Press Ctrl+G or on the Home tab, in the Editing group, clickFind & Select, and then click Go To...:

Editing group in Excel 2016

Type the cell address you want to go to into the Reference box, and then click the OK button:

The Go To... feature keeps a list of cells that you have recently moved to using the Go To... feature. To quickly move to a particular cell in the Go To... list, double-click that cell address.

To move even faster than Go To..., to a specific cell on a worksheet, type the cell's address (the column letter and row number; for example, G18) into the Name box at the left end of the Formula bar and press Enter:

Name box in Excel 2016

See also this tip in French: Comment utiliser les raccourcis clavier pour naviguer dans la feuille de calcul.

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