How to compare strengths and weaknesses, skills, or performance metrics

Excel 365
Time to time, you need to compare strengths and weaknesses, skills, or performance metrics for people, teams, or companies. The dimensions have different qualitative meanings, and, if you choose a bar chart to plot such data, you need to create a separate graph for each aspect. A much better option is to normalize the data and use a spider chart, which renders multiple axes with the same scale.
The spider chart in Excel 2016

Spider charts are also known as radar charts, web charts, star plots, irregular polygons, polar charts, cobweb charts, or Kiviat diagrams.

To create a spider chart, do the following:

   1.   Select the chart data.

For example, for comparing the soft skills of two candidates:

The data for spider chart in Excel 2016

   2.   On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, click the Insert Waterfall, Funnel, Stock, Surface, or Radar Chart dropdown list:

The Insert Waterfall, Funnel, Stock, Surface or Radar Chart button in Excel 2016

Select the Radar, Radar with Markers, or Filled Radar:

Radar, Radar with Markers or Filled Radar charts in Excel 2016

Excel creates the chart from your data:

The simple spider chart in Excel 2016

The picture above shows, as an example, the soft-skills comparison of two people. HR departments often use spider web charts based on supervisor's rankings plan promotions or to build skill improvement plans. Beware, people's estimates calibration differs from person to person in question. You need to average rankings from multiple people - supervisors at various levels, peers, etc.

See also this tip in French: Comment comparer les forces et les faiblesses, les compétences ou les indicateurs de performance.

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