How to select row and column by keyboard

Excel 2016
If you work with large amounts of data in Excel, quickly selecting the entire row, column, table, data range helps a lot.
To quickly select different areas of data, use the following hotkeys:

Ctrl+Spacebar   Selects the entire column:

Select the entire column in Excel 365

Shift+Spacebar   Selects the entire row:

Select the entire row in Excel 365

Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar or Ctrl+A   Selects:

  • The entire worksheet if the active cell is empty or Excel can't recognize it as a part of any table or data range.
  • Cells with data if the active cell belongs to any data set:
Select the data range in Excel 365
  • The table without the header row and totals row if the active cell doesn't have one of the headings or totals. Otherwise, the entire table will be selected:
    Select the table in Excel 365

    The second pressing Ctrl+Shift+spacebar or Ctrl+A selects the complete table:

    Select the entire table in Excel 365

    To select the entire worksheet with a table, press Ctrl+Shift+spacebar or Ctrl+A triple.

Shift+Backspace Cancels a range selection and selects only the active cell.

See also Quick way to select all cells.

See also this tip in French: Comment sélectionner une ligne et une colonne au clavier.

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