How to quickly insert Fraktur symbols in Word equations

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Individual Fraktur letters are sometimes used in mathematics. This tip is about quick way how to paste letters in Fraktur in your document Microsoft Word.

Some popular Fraktur letters:

  • Lie algebra is associated with 𝔤
  • A ring ideal might be denoted by 𝔞 or 𝔭, if a prime ideal
  • The Fraktur 𝔠 is also sometimes used to denote the cardinality of the continuum
  • Power set of the set A is associated also with the Fractur 𝔓, 𝔓 (A)
  • In the complex numbers:
    • The Fraktur is associated with the real part of complex number z,  (z)
    • The Fraktur 𝔍 is associated with the imaginary part of complex number z, 𝔍 (z)
  • In model theory, 𝔄 is used to denote an arbitrary model.

To type the symbols in Fraktur in the Microsoft Word equation (to insert equation into your text, click Alt+=), do one of the following:

  • Type \fraktur + capital or lowercase letter:
𝔄 \frakturA 𝔍 \frakturJ 𝔖 \frakturS
𝔅 \frakturB 𝔎 \frakturK 𝔗 \frakturT
\frakturC 𝔏 \frakturL 𝔘 \frakturU
𝔇 \frakturD 𝔐 \frakturM 𝔙 \frakturV
𝔈 \frakturE 𝔑 \frakturN 𝔚 \frakturW
𝔉 \frakturF 𝔒 \frakturO 𝔛 \frakturX
𝔊 \frakturG 𝔓 \frakturP 𝔜 \frakturY
\frakturH 𝔔 \frakturQ \frakturZ
\frakturI \frakturR
𝔞 - 𝔷 \fraktura - \frakturz
  • On the Equation tab, in the Symbols group, click the More button:
    More symbols in Word 365

    In the top of list of symbols choose Scripts:

    Scripts in equations Word 365

    In the Scripts list, in the Frakturs group, choose the symbol you prefer:

Fracturs in equations Word 365

See also this tip in French: Comment insérer rapidement le symbole gothique dans l'équation Word.

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