Adjusting picture characteristics

Word 365
There is no need to use additional image editing software to create high-quality pictures for your document. Instead, you can use Microsoft Word picture editing tools to correct and improve your photos.

Select the picture and then under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, choose the option that you want:

Adjust group in Word 2016
  • Remove Background: Lets you automatically/selectively remove portions of a picture based on color patterns:
    Remove background example in Word 2016
  • Corrections: Sharpen, soften, and adjust the brightness of images for better printing or on screen presentation (live preview).
  • Color: Apply different color masks to achieve antiquing, sepia tone, grayscale, and a variety of other color effects (live preview):
    Color adjust example in Word 2016
  • Artistic Effects: Provides 23 special effects, such as pencil sketch, blurring, charcoal sketch, paint strokes, and others (live preview):
    Artistic Effects example in Word 2016
  • Compress Pictures: Reduce the size of the picture stored in the file to the minimum needed for a given application:
    Compress picture in Word 2016
    • Compression options:
      • Apply only to this picture: Select whether you want to compress or modify selected pictures or all the pictures in document.
      • Delete cropped areas of pictures: Another way to reduce file space is to remove the areas of images that you have cropped out. You learned that cropping images only changes what is displayed on-screen, that the cropped portions can be retrieved. This check box determines that cropped areas cannot be retrieved.
    • Select the Target output option that you want.
  • Change Picture: Replace the picture with a different one.
  • Reset Picture: Click this button to set the image color, brightness, contrast back and another adjust tools (except for Change Picture and Compress Picture) to the original settings.

See also this tip in French: Réglage des caractéristiques de l'image.

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