Delete text and graphics quickly

Word 2003
You can delete text and graphics quickly.

To replace text, just select the text and begin typing. Once you press a key, Word replaces the selected text with the new text. If you don't want a selection to be replaced as you type, choose Tools -> Options, select the Edit tab, and then clear the Typing Replaces Selection check box.

Options in Word 2003

This is an unusual feature that most people do not use-it seems natural that if you type over something you replace it, and it can save you a lot of time.

Word also allows you to delete any selected text or graphics using the Edit -> Clear -> Contents command, which works in the same way as pressing the Delete key (and thus is not particularly useful).

To delete:

  • Selected text press Backspace or Delete
  • Characters before the insertion point press Backspace
  • Characters after the insertion point press Delete
  • A word before the insertion point press Ctrl+Backspace
  • A word after the insertion point press Ctrl+Delete

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